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Overnight Stay Plan

Let's celebrate the anniversary with your loved one, your loved one

  • 【All summer treats! 】Abalone & white shrimp & slut salt salted OR Himi beef steak! Eat Hokuriku overnight!

    "When I go to Toyama, I want to eat all the delicious food in Toyama!"

    I made a dinner course that makes such a luxurious wish come true!

    The main dish is the following 3 items!

    "White shrimp" sashimi
    Grilled dumpling of 'abalone', you can wContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 18,000
  • 【Limited to Summer】Prepretite rock oyster kaiseki cuisine plan★Returning repeat! Summer's classic popular plan!

    "Summer is rock oyster & beer after all! -"

    Good news for such people!

    We prepared a dinner that you can enjoy seasonal and rocky oysters in summer in Toyama Bay, also known as "milk of the sea"!

    Raw raw rocks ...·The smell of the tide that sContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 15,000
  • 【White Shrimp GO with Shinkansen! 】White shrimp★Shrimp making! Sushi! Grilled rock salt! Fried chicken! Kamomeki! Free transportation included!

    It is a plan of contents specialized to fully enjoy with sashimi, sashimi, roast salt grilled, fried chicken, rice potted etc, with the specialty "white shrimp" called "Lady of the Sea the jewel of Toyama Bay" "Lady of the Sea".

    White shrimp iContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 16,000
  • 【Niemonya Standard】Toyama Seafood & Yama no Sake! Let's spend Kodakara-no-yu of kotaro

    If confused, look here! Classic plan Niemonya! Please enjoy the seasonal happiness of Toyama throughout the year (^ ^)/

    ◎ Niemonya-san? What?
    In the facility there will be a lot of emotion, the face of Fuku Fuku "Niemonya-san"
    I wish for peopleContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 13,000
  • 【Maternity's rest】Maternity plan with 6 benefits! Historic Kodakara-no-yu!

    ·. .☆. ·*. .★. . *. *·. .☆. ·*【One who can be a mom★Limited Offer】
     The time before becoming a mom is only now!
         Kodakara-no-yu of the baby
    While thinking about the born baby
     Please spend a relaxing time

    ·. .☆. ·*. .★. . *. *·. .☆. ·*

    【6Continue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax excluded)/From 19,000 yen
  • 【Hot spring with my dog! 】【Seafood & mountain food in Toyama】Let's spend Kodakara-no-yu of kotaro

    "We want to enjoy hot spring & delicious food at Japanese style inn"
    "I want to bring my precious dog with me"

    It is an accommodation plan made for a dog with such a wish!

    ■Pet Equipment &amenities
    gauge·Tableware·toilet·Pet sheets·Wet tissueContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax excluded)From 13,000 yen
  • 【Limited Time Only★Blueberry hunting experience & all you can eat! 】Hot springs & seafood Enjoyed the day after to the blueberry farm!

    ☆★Experience of blueberry hunting at blueberry farm (10: 00-12: 00) It is accommodation plan with ticket★☆

    Actually, here in Toyama there are lots of delicious fruits!

    Summer 's recommendation is "Blueberry of Musashino - san' s farm"!
    BlueberContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 13,000
  • It is limited to November to April, "2.5 cups of dried crab"! The taste of winter Toyama! Steamed crab·Crab stab·Crab miso shellfish·Crab tempura【Free Pick-up Included】

    [ Plan Details ]
    Speaking of the Sea of ​​Japan in winter, this snow crab! Uozu use 2.5 cups per capita landing at Uozu fishing port.

    There are living things in this facility, so it is very fresh to be able to make use of crabs just before cooContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 23,000
  • It is November to April limitation, "Two cups of squeezing bowl with two people!" 1.5 cups per person-crab figure steaming, crab stabbing, crab miso shell grilled, crab tempura【Free transportation included】

    Q: "What is the difference between this snow crab 2.5 cup plan?"

    A: In this facility, the plan 2.5 snow snow crabs per person is primarily mainstream, but some people say that they can not eat because they are large in quantity. In response to Continue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 20,000
  • From March to May, let's eat "spring only" firefly squid★Premium firefly squid seasonal cuisine! Building·Kamenji·Grilled natural kelp·tempura·Boiled rice

    A plan contents specialized to fully enjoying Spring's famous "Hotaruika" specialties. Fresh sashimi of firefly squid, fresh sashimi of hotflies, shabba pot that can be played in the mouth with prepuri, roasted roasted on high quality natural keContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded), From \ 16,000