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Surrounding tourism

A lot of highlights!

  • There are various sightseeing spots around the Niemonya, such as the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, a representative tourist spot in Toyama Prefecture.
    If you can voice your voice to the front desk, we will give you detailed tourist information as well.

Recommended sightseeing spots

  • Kurobe Dam

    It is one of the leading dams in Japan, the height of the dam (height of the bank) is 186 m and boasts the best in Japan.
    Because the power station that uses the water stored in the dam is the Kurobegawa Dai-yon Hatsudensho (Kuroyon)
    Sometimes it is called "Kuroyon Dam".
  • Uozu Buried Forest Museum

    Uozu Buried Forest Museum is a so-called “Nekko Land” museum.
    Exhibition of the special natural treasure "Uozu Maibotsurin" of the country which had been sleeping in the ground for 2,000 years ago,
    Introducing the Mirage that appears in Toyama Bay.
  • Uozu Aquarium

    Uozu Sogo Koen Uozu Aquarium Uozu Sogo Koen.
    We are carrying out a distinctive exhibition focusing on raising local aquatic life.
  • Mirage Land

    Amusement Uozu Sogo Koen in Uozu Sogo Koen.
    It is the only amusement park in Toyama Prefecture, a popular spot for families and children.
    Because the large Ferris wheel is also famous, please enjoy it.
  • Ariso Dome

    A lot of sports related events are held, but local events may be held in addition to that.
    There is also an observation tower, making it a spot where you can overlook Toyama Bay.
  • Tateyama Caldera Sabo Museum

    It is a facility to introduce about Tateyama distinctive from multiple viewpoints such as geological and climatic.
    In the indoor exhibition, we will display an exhibition on the sabo of how to prevent earth and sand flowing from Tateyama,
    In the outdoor zone you can experience field watching etc. about Tateyama.
  • Hotaruika Museum

    Namerikawa City is built adjacent to Toyama Bay to introduce the culture and tourism resources of Namerikawa City.
    There is a centerpiece on "Hotaruika" which is also the name of the facility, but there is also a corner where you can interact with deep-sea creatures.