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Hot Springs

Warm from the core of the body with Kotakano-Yu,-Kusafue-no-Yu, Hotaru-no-Yu

  • Origins of Kitayama Kosen

  • Two baths of Niemonya differ in taste

    The Niemonya, there are two baths of a feeling of opening, such as the cave as Kusabue-no-yu Hotaru-no-yu Kitayama Kosen is said to be able to expect children's children.
    It is known as hot water warming from the core of the body, it is said to work for various diseases as well.

    Although it is never luxurious, I hope to be such a hot-spring inn, like a relaxing traveler will come to return home to such a relaxed relief.
  • Observation open-air bath | Kusabue-no-yu |

    A hot spring with a feeling of openness that can also enjoy an open-air bath with a nice view.

    In the open-air bath of Niemonya boast of cypress, views and open-air bath of the tree of the warmth of Kitayama, please enjoy the hot springs gushing To Concon.
    The texture is smooth and crispy.A little break with the chair!
    Adjacent bathroom is also different style.I hope for the star in the sky through the window and I promise a time to relax.

    Niemonya, we aim for a space where visitors can relax.
    Hot spring bathing category
    The 1st floor “Hotaru-no-yu” and the 3rd floor “Kusabue-no-yu” have a system for men and women in the morning and afternoon. Guests are able to use both baths.
  • Indoor bath with sauna | Hotaru-no-yu |

    It's as if you are in a cave, a relaxing hot spring.

    Hotaru-no-yu, located on the first floor of the front desk lobby on the 1st floor, is a bath with gentle sunbeams and sunbeams.
    Please look forward to the scenery of the Kitayama Kosen drawn on the window and get drunk with traveling mood.
    The heart is relaxed with warm retro atmosphere.Also at the changing room, introduction of the work!

    Niemonya, we aim for a space where visitors can relax.
    Hot spring bathing category
    The 1st floor “Hotaru-no-yu” and the 3rd floor “Kusabue-no-yu” have a system for men and women in the morning and afternoon. Guests are able to use both baths.
    < There is also a sauna >
    The sauna warms the body from its core and promotes sweating.I will keep my exhausted body tender and refresh my mind and body.
  • Niemonya water of Nenemon

    Niemonya, we have added artificial radium spa to Kitayama Kosen (cold spa), so the quality of the spring is further improved!
    Bathing improves blood circulation, enhances metabolism, and makes your health healthy.Spring therapy that makes mind and body healthy was also a long-history folk remedy.
    Hot water from the Niemonya also has a good foaming of soap and does not warm up warm and hot from the core of the body.
    Hot spring bath hours
    | 5: 00-23: 00
    Hot spring qualities
    | Weak salt fountain
    | Kitayama Kosen has long been popular as "Kodakara-no-yu" and is currently used by couples with disadvantaged children.
    Even after becoming a substitute for the current husband several times, "I have a child."Thank you for your attentive thank you note.Thankfully.

    | There is also a Sukunabikonasha Shrine around the Kitayama Kosen a god of kids.Please try once!

    | There is also a service of mineral water to raise your throat at the changing room, so please use it freely! Please bring water supplement before and after bathing!
    | Neuralgia · nervous weakness · Raymychism · gout · cold disease · prenatal postpartum · menstrual pain · hemorrhoidal pain · eczema · frost disease · skin crack · bruising sprain · childbirth · brief
  • <Niemon-san Recommended! >Reservation intensive outdoor bath room 【Everything】~ 27 square meters clearance

    In a little luxurious, how about the room with outdoor bath?

    Looking up from the outdoor bath, there are various scenery every season.
    Enjoy comfortable sunflower in spring, stars full star in summer, trees colored red and yellow in autumn.And in winter, Yukimi bath · · ·

    Enjoy with your family, with a couple, without having to worry about anyone.
  • <Niemon-san Recommended! >A little reasonably priced "Suzuran" ~ 18 square meters

    I want to enter an open-air bath anytime at my favorite time! But the room with outdoor bath is quite expensive · · ·
    The room prepared to respond to such thought is here.

    Even in the morning and evening, only those guests who stay in the room will put in this spare outdoor bath!

    Please enjoy the scenery that changes beautifully from the bathtub thoughtfully.

Hot Springs

Kitayama Kosen

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including time change) · Charges are not allowed)

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0

Other bath facilities

Observation bath(Conditioned) / Sauna

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.