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Welcome to the original Niemonya

Niemonya is a small inn located in the Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture of the mountain.
Since our establishment in Keio 3 years, we have been operating as a spa resort, supported mainly by customers in local prefectures.

It is said that a smooth, undamaged hot water has long been a "Kodakara-no-yu", and many married couple who are disadvantaged are visiting.
I think that it is good for the mother because it is surely warmed up well because the town called "Kodakara-no-yu" surely warms up.

At present, customers of hot spring treatment become few, Niemonya the atmosphere of Niemonya is also "from old-fashioned hot spring treatment inn"
It has turned into a "cooking-centered hot spring hotel" using local seafood and mountain favorites.

A mountain inn is about 15 minutes from the fishing port and close to the sea. Toyama Bay is a treasure trove of seafood!
Seasonally, you can enjoy various local ingredients.

Now we are visiting many customers from a distance seeking fish of Kitokito.

Guide from Niemonya

  • "One-day banquet·Law dinner party meal "

    Day trip party plan · ··A day spent with hot springs & delicious dishes with yukai 's colleagues.Year End Party, New Year Party, Alumni association, Neighborhood association, etc.
    Legal party cuisine dish plan · ··In memory of the deceased, let's talk.We also accept orders for gifts.
  • "Let's celebrate the anniversary"

    Birthday celebration, Wedding Anniversary, Celebration of the 60th calendar, Rice celebration, etc.
    Even with your stay.Even on a day trip.
    A young service manager handmade message included frame gifts!
  • "customer's voice"

    Letters and questionnaires received from customers, memorial photos, etc.

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Hotel Name

Kitayama Kosen, Kodakara-no-yu Yado, Ganso Niemonya


702 Kitayama, Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture

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15 minutes from Uozu Station, 45 minutes from Tateyama Station and Unazuki Station, 90 minutes from Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa City. Free transfer to Uozu Station (Reservation required)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Free pick-up service from JR Uozu Station. Reservation required before 1 day.Your booking in the plan without a plan and without, such as dinner one night with breakfast plan meal will be excluded.
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